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Quality Ingredients, Better Health- It's What's Inside That Counts!

🌱 Quality Ingredients, Better Health- It's What's Inside That Counts! 🌱Ever wondered why we're so particular about the ingredients we source at Georgia Grinders? It's because your health matters to us, and quality ingredients in each jar of our premium nut butters play a pivotal role in your health and...

4 Audiobook Titles to Try to Improve Your Home Cooking Skills

No matter how busy daily life can get, there's always an opportunity to think about which recipes you can whip up to enliven the home kitchen. Love To Eat by Nicole Modic is a good place to start, as this deeply personal collection contains 75 delicious recipes that help you maintain...

We are NUTS About You, Valentine

While Valentine's Day is a sweet reminder to celebrate love, let's remember that spreading love is a daily affair, just like enjoying Georgia Grinders peanut butter every day! Whether it's sharing a jar of peanut butter with a friend, sending a heartfelt message, or simply offering a smile to a...

We Are NUTS For Guts!

GUTS ARE NUTS! The gut, or gastrointestinal tract, is a highly complex & sophisticated system that seems to be responsible for just about everything in our bodies!💚Digestive Health💚Immune System Support💚Mental Health💚Metabolic Health💚Nutrient Production💚Protection Against Harmful Pathogens💚Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) Prevention💚Overall Well-BeingGUTS LOVE NUTS! To support a healthy microbiome, it's essential...

The Very Vera Show!

Vera Stewart partners with The Fresh Market and Georgia Peanut Commission to bring you all recipes using one of her favorite ingredients, Georgia Grinders PEANUT BUTTER!  

Pre-Heat The Oven For Some Holiday Baking!

Pre-Heat the over and let the holiday baking fun begin!

DIY Holiday Gifts- Recipe for Gingerbread Cookie Granola

Simply recycle a Georgia Grinders glass jar, fill it with this delicious homemade granola, tie a pretty bow in the jar and you have a thoughtful gift! 💚❤️💚

An Interview with our Founder on That's Delicious, a Podcast

Hosted by Michelle Daniels and Pooja Parikh on That's Delicious, a podcast, listen to their chat with Jaime Foster, founder Georgia Grinders

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition facts that we can all agree on.

Eat To Live!

Eat to live like your life depends on it, friends!  Read more about the health benefits of almonds.

LOVE Is In The Air

💕LOVE💕 is in the air this month with Valentines Day right around the corner. February also happens to be American Heart Month and we want to keep your ticker in top shape because WE LOVE YOU!! ❤️Understanding risk factors for heart disease and how to live a heart-healthy lifestyle are a...

Who Doesn't "Love To Eat!?"

We could not be anymore excited for our longtime dear friend, Nicole Modic, the mastermind and creator behind KaleJunkie, as she gets ready to launch her cookbook, Love To Eat next week!  Nicole has poured her heart and soul into this very personal cookbook, which is evident as you salivate from page to page. Not only...

4 Reasons To Support Local Businesses

4 Reasons To Support Local Businesses by Autumn Gray

Partners For Organic Peanut Progress in Georgia!

Partners For Organic Peanut Progress Did you know that Georgia Grinders' Organic Peanut Butter is part of an ongoing initiative to transform rural communities and environments in Georgia through the organic cultivation of the State's official crop: PEANUTS!?   Georgia Grinders' USDA Certified Organic Creamy & Crunchy Peanut Butter is truly a...

3 "BOO"ter For You Recipes 👻

Fall Treats On Repeat!  👻Halloween is just around the corner and we've been having a lot of fun with @thenutritiouskitchen transforming your traditional favorite sweet treats into better-for-you bites that kids of all ages will love.  You might even trick them into thinking they are the real deal!  Think Butterfingers, Reeses Peanut Butter...

Georgia Grinders is officially KOSHER CERTIFIED!

As we work hard to make our products accessible and available to all consumers, we are so proud to announce that all of our nut butters are now officially Kosher certified!  We have successfully completed the certification process with Atlanta Kashruth Commission, a non-profit kosher supervising agency that certifies thousands of products in companies...