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  • Are Georgia Grinders nut butters organic?

    Our manufacturing facility was certified organic in November 2020 and we launched our first Organic Creamy Peanut Butter shortly after. Many organic nut butter variations are in the works for 2021! All of the nuts used in all of are products are sourced from premium quality, reputable growers and that everything is sustainably grown. In fact, we have personally visited many of the farms where we source our nuts and have personal relationships with many of the farmers.

  • Could you tell me if your nut butters are tested for aflatoxins and other pathogens? Can you provide a COA?

    Georgia Grinders is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality and integrity for our products.  We take testing for aflatoxins seriously because these naturally occurring toxins produced by certain molds, particularly Aspergillus species, are known to be found in peanuts/ tree nuts. As part of our commitment, Georgia Grinders routinely conducts laboratory testing for aflatoxins and other pathogens on all nut butter varieties to guarantee their purity and safety for our customers. COA's and lab results can be provided upon request.

  • How long will my Georgia Grinders nut butters last?

    All Georgia Grinders nut butters are made fresh to order. As required by the FDA, all products require a BEST BY Date or USE BY Date to be commercially sold. Our nut butters have a BEST BY Date that is indicated on the bottom of each jar. This is one year from the date of manufacturing.

  • Do I need to store my nut butters in the refrigerator?

    No refrigeration is required, as indicated on the label. If you personally prefer to keep it refrigerated, just give it a good stir each time you eat the product to keep the natural oil and sea salt thoroughly mixed in.

  • Are Georgia Grinders products processed on the same equipment? I have a cashew allergy but would like to try the almond and pecan butters.

    All of our nut butters are processed on shared equipment. We do not have a dedicated line for each variety of nut butter. With that being said, we thoroughly break down and sanitize all equipment in compliance with FDA & Dept. of Agriculture standards each time we transition to a new variety of nut butter. At Georgia Grinders, we adhere to the highest Food Safety standards.

  • Where are Georgia Grinders nuts sourced from?

    We take great pride from sourcing premium nuts from reputable, sustainable growers that have implemented the highest food safety standards and ethical labor laws.

    Almonds: San Joaquin Valley in California
    Cashews: Africa and Southwest Asia
    Hazelnuts: Italy and Turkey
    Peanuts: South Georgia
    Pecans: Ft. Valley, Georgia from 5th Generation Pecan Farmers

  • Do you use a co-packer?

    Here are Georgia Grinders, we take great pride in owning and operating our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Atlanta, GA. All processes take place in-house so we can produce nut butters in small batches and guarantee premium quality to the consumer by offering the freshest and tastiest nut butters on the market. 

  • What is the dehydrated maple powder in Georgia Grinders Maple Caramel Almond Butter?

    Great question!  If we were to add maple syrup in a liquid form to our nut butters, it would act as a thickener and turn the almond butter in to a hard block, making it difficult to spread. Therefore, we use a concentrated form of maple syrup that has been dehydrated and caramelized, allowing us to use less in the production process and keep the sugar content extremely low. There is no dairy in our Maple Caramel Almond Butter.

  • Are you Kosher certified?

    We are so proud to announce that all of our nut butters are now officially Kosher certified! We have successfully completed the certification process with Atlanta Kashruth Commission, a non-profit kosher supervising agency that certifies thousands of products in companies and facilities in the Southeast and throughout the country.

  • What do I do if there is oil at the top of my jar?

    Because we do not add emulsifiers to our products, oil separation is expected and is a good sign that the nut butter is all-natural. We strongly suggest that you stir well before each use (not just the top 1/4 of the jar, but where the spoon or knife actually touches the bottom of the jar) so that the natural oil and sea salt are evenly dispersed. If our nut butters are not mixed well before each use, it is normal for the oil to rise to the top of the jar. You can store the jars upside down to make it easier to stir thoroughly—just make sure the lid is on tight!

  • Why does it seem like there is so much salt at the bottom of the jar?

    We strongly suggest that you stir well before each use (not just the top 1/4 of the jar, but where the spoon or knife actually touches the bottom of the jar) so that the natural oil and sea salt are mixed in well. Because we use a larger particle size sea salt that will not be uniformly mixed in, you will get bursts of flavor. If our nut butters are not mixed well before each use, it is normal for the sea salt to gravitate towards the bottom and crystallize with other particles of sea salt for a "very salty" experience.

  • Why does the Cashew Butter not appear to be filled to the top of the jar?

    All nut butters are filled and manually weighed to ensure that each glass jar contains 12oz of product by weight, not volume. Cashew butter, being much more dense than other nut butters, often appears as if the jar were not filled to the top even though there is at least 12oz of product by weight in the jar. 

  • Are your raw nut suppliers certified organic?

    Many of our raw nut suppliers offer certified organic nuts. With our manufacturing facility being certified organic November 2020, we will be launching organic lines of nut butters in 2021. Stay tuned!

  • What is Georgia Grinders signature nut butter texture?

    Our signature nut butter texture is a smooth, creamy nut butter with chopped nuts mixed in to add just the right amount of texture and crunch. However, some varieties, such as Creamy Peanut Butter and Cashew Butter are smooth and creamy.

  • Why is the color of the nut butter different than the last time I ordered?

    Naturally occurring variations in nut color, size and moisture content are common and can vary from farm/region each year. Because we roast and produce our nut butters in small batches, slight variations in color and taste are common; however, we do our best to keep each batch as consistent as possible.

  • What are those brown specks that I see in the nut butters?

    We use nuts with skins, not blanched nuts with the skins removed. This allows for more nutritional value and flavor to be captured in each jar.

  • Why does shipping cost more for some of your products?

    We take great pride in packing our nut butters in glass jars for environmental and health issues. This does increase the weight of the total package, making it more expensive to ship. If Georgia Grinders nut butters are a staple in your home, order multiple jars at a time to save on shipping costs! Pricing to ship multiple jars is not much more than the cost to ship one jar, if not the same.

    In addition, ALL carriers continue to keep commerce moving and delivering critical shipments to homes and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact of the virus continues to generate a surge in volume nationwide, causing all carriers to experience extremely high demand for capacity and increased operating costs across their network.  These increased costs of course are passed along to the customers, both to businesses and consumers.