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About Us

Our Core Purpose: Georgia Grinders is a founder-led and family run business that is dedicated to crafting exceptional nut butters of unparalleled quality from minimal simple, organic and all natural ingredients. We are passionate about offering wholesome and delectable products to you, while simplifying your clean eating journey so you can thrive and be alive!
We are advocates for your health, while being 100% committed to sourcing the finest Non-GMO and locally sourced ingredients. Each jar of Georgia Grinders' handcrafted nut butter is a testament to our meticulous attention to detail and unwavering pursuit of excellence. Georgia Grinders is on a mission to promote better health and wellness from a functional standpoint. After all, food is medicine and information! 

Simplicity never tasted and felt so good!⁠

🚫Added Sugar⁠
🚫Added Palm Oil or Oils in general⁠
🚫Fake Ingredients

A Little History: Georgia Grinders was founded in 2012, in honor of our Founder's (Jaime Foster) grandfather and his recipe for almond butter from the 1970's. Pre-disposed to cardiovascular disease, Jaime's grandfather was determined to beat the odds of his genetics and focused on the foundation of functional medicine & nutrition, extending his life to the remarkable age of 97. 

From savory to sweet, and creamy to crunchy, our premium nut butters cater to those seeking high-quality, CLEAN fuel for their adventurous lifestyles. Our products undergo routine aflatoxin and microbial lab analysis, contain no added sugars or oils, and are perfect for indulging straight from the jar.

We're committed to keeping our ingredients list simple and transparent. You'll never find palm oil, stevia, lecithin, or any unnecessary additives in our nut butters. Plus, five of our SKUs are Whole30Approved, ensuring they meet the highest standards of clean eating.

Let's embrace simplicity and purity, because life is complex enough as it is!

In Good Health,
Jaime Foster
Founder + CEO