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Stay Salty + Nutty

Just sharing the FACTS about salt today because we care about YOU and your health, friends!💚 ⁠

Real sea salt comes from clean ocean water and keeps all the natural minerals found in it. It's made by evaporating water in the sun (not artificial heat), so it's packed with essential minerals + electrolytes that our adrenal glands and bodies need for optimal health. Georgia Grinders sources premium ingredients ALWAYS, including solar evaporated pure ocean sea salt is all natural and unrefined. ⁠

On the contrary, regular table salt is mostly just sodium chloride, with some added stuff like iodine. It's made by heating it up, which changes its structure. Our bodies can't absorb these changed minerals very well, so they can be harmful. When we eat too much of this salt, our bodies hold onto extra water to dilute it, which can lead to health issues like high blood pressure.⁠

The inability of the body to assimilate fused minerals in commercial salt renders it potentially toxic, prompting the body to retain excess water in an attempt to dilute it. This phenomenon underlies the principle of diuretics in managing high blood pressure—inducing urination to alleviate water retention, thereby reducing strain on the heart. Consequently, conventional wisdom advises limiting salt intake altogether.

We are dedicated to premium quality and transparency- ALWAYS! Stay SALTY + NUTTY!⁠

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