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Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Smoothie

We love hearing from customers that the "burst of sea salt in our nut butters are perfection!"  Not only does it taste amazing, but sea salt is also a great source of electrolytes like magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium- all of which are vital for muscle, brain and heart health.

We took our post-workout smoothie to a new level and are IN LOVE with this combo!  Like, OBSESSED!

💚1-2 Scoops favorite chocolate protein powder⁠
💚1 LMNT Chocolate Salt⁠ 
💚1 Handful spinach⁠
💚1/2 Banana (frozen)
💚1/2 avocado⁠
💚1-2 Cups milk of choice⁠ (based on desired consistency)
💚1 tbsp Chia seeds⁠
💚1 tbsp Georgia Grinders Hazelnut Butter
**Blend and then add ice and blend again.  ENJOY!