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Spring Rolls with Thai Inspired Almond Butter Sauce

Springtime calls for all of the refreshing recipes filled with fresh, seasonal product and these Spring Rolls with Thai Inspired Almond Butter Sauce are the perfect option. You can fill them with any produce, proteins, herbs and more. The options are endless; we can't wait to see what you do with yours. Tag us on Instagram at @georgiagrinders and let us know the fun twists you add to your Spring Rolls. Happy rolling!

Spring Roll Ingredients:⁠
Rice paper rolls⁠
Fresh basil⁠
Bean sprouts⁠
Thinly sliced bell peppers⁠
Thinly sliced cucumbers⁠
Thinly sliced carrots⁠
Thinly sliced mango⁠
Tofu or shrimp cooked to preference⁠

Thai Inspired Almond Butter Sauce:⁠
2 tbsp Georgia Grinders Original Almond Butter⁠
1 clove of garlic, minced⁠
1 tsp fresh ginger, minced⁠
1 tbsp coconut aminos⁠
1 tbsp water⁠

Cut and prepare all of the veggies you are using. Soak the individual rice paper sheets in warm water until they become soft. Add all of your veggies and protein of choice to the rice paper and roll it up. Make the almond butter sauce by whisking all ingredients in a bowl. Add more water if needed. Dip spring rolls in the sauce and make as many as you'd like. Enjoy!