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It's here: Local, ORGANIC Peanut Butter!

Start spreading the news, friends! Did you know that our manufacturing facility located in Chamblee, GA was recently USDA Certified Organic!?  Georgia Grinders is thrilled and honored to have a unique partnership with Georgia Organics and GOPA (Georgia Organic Peanut Association) to launch the FIRST EVER Georgia grown, processed & shelled organic peanut butter right here in the great Peanut Capitol of the World- GEORGIA!

Peanuts are Georgia’s official crop, as half of the peanuts grown in the US are grown here. Though there have been some organic peanuts farmed in our state, peanuts cannot be officially certified organic until every step in the production process has its own organic certification. That is where Georgia Grinders comes into play! Together with our partners, we are working with farmers, shellers, and value-added producers to create an entire market for organic peanuts, which have a sale price over three times that of conventional peanuts. We are truly all #goingnutsfororganic and we cannot wait to spread the love with all of you.

This dreamy blend of Georgia Grown Organic Peanuts and a touch of Kosher sea salt is now available on our website at this link

This exciting project began in 2018 when Georgia Organics led a special project to develop a supply chain and marketplace centered around Certified Organic peanuts that could help support small farmers in Georgia. This project eventually led to the formation of the Georgia Organic Peanut Association (GOPA), a farmer-owned cooperative founded in 2019 to help market Certified Organic peanuts and more. The organization's farmers come from across the state and have over 50 years of combined experience in gowning organic crops. GOPA has quickly grown from having three farms to nearly a dozen farms in just two years!! Together, along with our awesome partners and additional buyers joining forces, the future is looking bright for Georgia Grown organic peanuts. 

Don't forget to snag a jar for yourself, support organic farming in Georgia and enjoy this local delicacy. We can't wait to hear what you think....and for the expansion of our Organic line of premium nut butters!

With love, 
Your Georgia Grinder's family 🥜