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Limited Edition: Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Butter


Experience the perfect fusion of rich chocolate, decadent bourbon, and delightful pecans in every spoonful of this exclusive treat. Crafted with care and made in limited quantities, our Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Butter is a delectable addition to your holiday festivities.

Whether you’re spreading it on warm toast, using it in recipes for delectable desserts, or gifting it to your loved ones, this unique creation is certain to elevate your seasonal celebrations.

Join us in savoring the spirit of the Given its popularity, we encourage you to secure your jars early to avoid missing out. Indulge in the taste of the holidays with our Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Butter, and make this festive season even more special.  This Limited Edition Flavor is a 2020 Flavor of Georgia Finalist.

Ingredients: Georgia Grown Pecans, Cocoa Powder, Sea Salt, Bourbon Extract, Natural Maple Flavor.

Select the 'Add to Gift Box Trio' to add a 12oz jar of the selected flavor to your Trio Gift Box. You must add a total of three 12oz jars to complete your box. You can add any flavors of your choosing. All gift boxes will come wrapped with a green bow and a branded company sticker. 

Limited Edition: Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Butter



  • How long will my Georgia Grinders nut butters last?

    All Georgia Grinders nut butters are regularly ground to perfection in house so that you will receive the freshest product available, with as close to a 1 year shelf life. As required by the FDA, all products require a BEST BY Date or USE BY Date to be commercially sold. Our nut butters have a BEST BY Date that is indicated on the bottom of each jar. This is one year from the date of manufacturing.

  • Are Georgia Grinders products processed on the same equipment?

    All of our nut butters are processed on shared equipment. We do not have a dedicated line for each variety of nut butter. With that being said, we thoroughly break down and sanitize all equipment in compliance with FDA & Dept. of Agriculture standards each time we transition to a new variety of nut butter. At Georgia Grinders, we adhere to the highest Food Safety standards at all time, as food safety is our #1 concern.

  • Is Georgia Grinders Kosher Certified?

    Yes! As we work hard to make our products accessible and available to all consumers, we are proud to announce that all of our nut butters are officially Kosher certified! We have successfully completed the certification process through Atlanta Kashruth Commission, a non-profit kosher supervising agency that certifies thousands of products in companies and facilities in the Southeast and throughout the country

  • Are Georgia Grinders nut butters Organic?

    Yes! Some of Georgia Grinders nut butters are organic, though our entire manufacturing facility is certified organic as of November 2020. Rest assured that all conventional nuts are sourced from premium quality, reputable growers and that everything is sustainably grown. In fact, we have personally visited many of the farms where we source our nuts and have personal relationships with many of the farmers.