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6 Resealable Almond Butter Pouches


Take your favorite creamy almond butter on the go!  Same formula as Georgia Grinders Original Almond Butter, but in a creamy version and under our initial brand, NaturAlmond.

These 3oz Resealable Pouches are perfect for individual usage for your next vacation or outing.  Each pouch contains 3 servings and is Whole30Approved; just knead, squeeze and re-use.

Each box contains 6 pouches.

Ingredients: California Almonds (Steam Pasteurized), Kosher Sea Salt.


6 Resealable Almond Butter Pouches



  • How long will my Georgia Grinders nut butters last?

    All Georgia Grinders nut butters are made fresh to order. As required by the FDA, all products require a BEST BY Date or USE BY Date to be commercially sold. Our nut butters have a BEST BY Date that is indicated on the bottom of each jar. This is one year from the date of manufacturing.

  • Are Georgia Grinders products processed on the same equiptment?

    All of our nut butters are processed on shared equipment. We do not have a dedicated line for each variety of nut butter. With that being said, we thoroughly break down and sanitize all equipment in compliance with FDA & Dept. of Agriculture standards each time we transition to a new variety of nut butter. At Georgia Grinders, we adhere to the highest Food Safety standards.

  • Is Georgia Grinders Kosher Certified?

    The ingredients sourced to make our premium nut butters are all Kosher certified, however, our facility is not Kosher certified. Kosher Certification will take place in 2021 and we have already begun working with a local Rabbi and certification organization.

  • Are Georgia Grinders nut butters organic?

    Georgia Grinders nut butters are currently not organic. We are excited to announce that after our manufacturing facility was certified organic in November 2020, organic variations are in the works for 2021! Until that time, rest assured that the nuts are sourced from premium quality, reputable growers and that everything is sustainably grown. In fact, we have personally visited many of the farms where we source our nuts and have personal relationships with many of the farmers.