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Partners For Organic Peanut Progress in Georgia!

Partners For Organic Peanut Progress

Did you know that Georgia Grinders' Organic Peanut Butter is part of an ongoing initiative to transform rural communities and environments in Georgia through the organic cultivation of the State's official crop: PEANUTS!?  

Georgia Grinders' USDA Certified Organic Creamy & Crunchy Peanut Butter is truly a story of collaboration between Georgia Organics, Georgia Organic Peanut Assoc. and Georgia Grinders to bring the FIRST EVER Georgia grown, processed & shelled organic peanuts, which are then produced into organic peanut butter, right here in the great Peanut Capitol of the World!  Each step in the process must go through the Organic Certification, bringing economic benefits along the way.  At Georgia Grinders, we are committed to QUALITY, TRANSPARENCY & SIMPLICITY!   #fromgroundtogrind 

The growth of Certified Organic peanut production means more economic opportunities in rural counties in GA, with the long-term goal of repairing centuries of cultural and agricultural harm in the region.  Organic agriculture practice also leads to a reduction in poverty rates, along with an increase in median household income. Source: Organic Trade Association