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DIY Holiday Gifts- Recipe for Gingerbread Cookie Granola

Baking and sharing homemade treats during the holidays is a wonderful way to spread joy and warmth among friends and neighbors. Our Gingerbread Cookie Granola is a delightful and festive twist on traditional granola, incorporating the warm and aromatic flavors of gingerbread cookies like ground cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger.

Using our Pecan Butter, this recipe is quick, easy and delicious to make. Give it a try and spread some love by gifting to to friends this holiday season.  Simply recycle a Georgia Grinders glass jar, fill it with this delicious homemade granola, tie a pretty bow in the jar and you have a thoughtful gift! 💚❤️💚

Gingerbread Cookie Granola is a delightful and festive treat that can be used in various ways to add flavor and crunch to your dishes:  sprinkle on top of yogurt parfaits & ice cream, add to trail mix, or turn into a cereal with milk.  The possibilities are endless when you think outside of the jar!