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4 Audiobook Titles to Try to Improve Your Home Cooking Skills

No matter how busy daily life can get, there's always an opportunity to think about which recipes you can whip up to enliven the home kitchen. Love To Eat by Nicole Modic is a good place to start, as this deeply personal collection contains 75 delicious recipes that help you maintain a flexible and nourishing diet even during particularly stressful days caused by hectic schedules and multiple responsibilities.

Beyond cookbooks, you can also find inspiration from audiobooks hosted on digital libraries and subscription services. With millions of audiobooks available on Everand, you have unlimited access to cooking guides and recipes from best-selling chefs and writers like Anthony Bourdain and Matt Siegel — all for an affordable monthly subscription price. What’s more, you can play samples of these titles before deciding to make them the perfect, hands-free kitchen companion while you prepare food for your family and friends. Without further ado, here are the best audio cookbooks to try to improve your culinary skills and make home cooking all the more fulfilling.

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat

You’re probably familiar with this title as a documentary series on Netflix, but the original book is just as charming and entertaining. In Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, Iranian-American chef Samin Nosrat makes cooking less daunting by simply focusing on the four elements of good cooking mentioned in the title. By helping you master the use of salt to enhance flavor, fat to create texture, acid to balance flavor, and heat to determine the food’s texture, the book ultimately makes you become more confident in the kitchen — enough to serve special meals like roasted vegetables, braised meats, and pastry doughs for family dinners.

Holiday Cooking by Monica David

While people tend to overcomplicate food preparation during special occasions like birthdays and holidays, Monica David highlights the beauty in simplicity through easy-to-follow recipes for appetizers, main courses, desserts, snacks, and more. The recipes in Holiday Cooking range from traditional festive feasts and edible centerpieces to twists that help you intermix old and new ones. The book also helps you stay prepared when preparing celebratory meals for kids and other family members with health issues, as it also includes guides for dealing with different dietary needs and coming up with kid-friendly options.

Sweet Land of Liberty by Rossi Anastopoulo

Pies are a staple of American dinner tables, whether they're served with a spread of turkey, stuffing, and trifle for Thanksgiving or baked to celebrate the Fourth of July. This much is realized in Rossi Anastopoulo’s narrative gastronomic history, Sweet Land of Liberty: A History of America in 11 Pies. The book traces the history of pies like the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie and Christmas mince pie to examine how these desserts shape and are shaped by American culture and history. Of course, these narratives are intertwined with corresponding recipes to delight both your stomach and your brain with each chapter.

Big Heart Little Stove by Erin French

Home cooking doesn’t always have to be grand, and that’s where Erin French’s second cookbook, Big Heart Little Stove, comes in with its thoughtful and meaningful yet simple recipes. The audiobook-exclusive interviews with the author’s loved ones, including her long-time friend and fellow cook Ina Garten, will surely warm your heart and further inspire you to set the table and share a delightful meal with your own family and friends. Recipes range from hearty soups like Golden Tomato & Peach to family-style platters of Peach & Blackberry Salad and Pickle-Brined Roast Chicken.

Besides these audio cookbooks, Georgia Grinders also provides its readership with healthy and delectable recipes, ranging from viral desserts to savory breakfasts. If this piqued your interest, check out our Recipes section to learn more.