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"Without a doubt, Georgia Grinders is my favorite nut butter brand because not only do they use all natural and simple ingredients, but the flavors and textures are superb. You can just taste the quality in each spoonful. My favorites are the cashew butter, maple caramel almond butter, hazelnut butter, and ALL OF THEM ;)"

Jeannette Root of @sweatysweetpotato

"Georgia Grinders is the only brand of Nut Butter we offer at all of our Souper Jenny locations in Atlanta. We use their incredible peanut butter in our classic PB & J sandwiches and love their almond butter in our ethnic soups. I've been a huge fan since day one!"

Jenny Levison - Owner of Souper Jenny Atlanta

"Georgia Grinder's nut butters are simply the best. Whether it's slathering on a toast, mixing into my favorite baked goods, or just eating straight up with a's safe to say I can never get enough of their incredible nut butters!!"

Erin Morrissey of @erinliveswhole

"I have been a fan of Georgia Grinders since it’s inception. As the chef to 6 Georgia governors and now the chef for Georgia Grown with the Georgia Department of Agriculture, I am always looking for quality local products to use and promote. I love all the nut butters from Georgia Grinders but particularly the Peanut/Pecan butter as it uses 2 of the prevalent crops in Georgia."

Holly Chute - Senior Georgia Grown Executive Chef

"I've been a fan of Georgia Grinders for years! There is something really special about these nut butters. The consistency, the specks of salt and the ease of the spread onto fresh bread or an apple. The variety of flavors are terrific and unique; the maple is one of my favorites but I also love the straight almond butter. The bonus is that it's a local company that started small, which I love. Is it bad that I spoon it out of the jar instead of putting it on stuff? I love Georgia Grinders THAT MUCH."

Mara Davis - Local Customer

"I saw you on Small Town, Big Deal and decided to order two Creamy and two Crunchy Peanut Butters. I have to tell you -- I’ve eaten a lot of peanut butter in my 60 years and probably most brands of natural that the super markets sell. Yours by far is the best I’ve eaten. I absolutely can tell the difference and feel like it’s very healthy as well."

Claude Gross - Customer